wildstream tv

In 2017, S-J Cooper-White, the owner of Clachan Cottage and Philip Dalton met whilst sharing online footage of otters. Both filmmakers, their mutual passion for otters sparked many conversations and shared anecdotes of otter behaviour.

Philip Dalton is a wildlife producer for BBC shows, such as Spy In The Wild and Snow Bears, which aired on primetime BBC 1, Boxing Day.

There was a real meeting of minds and shared interest for designing and developing IP network systems for wildlife watching. Living in neighbouring villages and both living in homes on the river, a seamless and exciting venture soon developed.

“People embrace garden wildlife as part of their everyday culture. Wildstream TV brings rarely seen and intimate behaviour in natural settings; in a series of fascinating, web-based episodes.”

Wildstream TV was founded by filmmakers, Philip Dalton and S-J Cooper-White. Footage is predominately captured by well-crafted placement of IP networked cameras (and many hours of frustration and emotional rollercoasting!)

Wildstream TV camera networks are placed in undisclosed locations across the UK.

Visit the Wildstream website to watch free episodes

Wildstream TV is based in Somerset, England. You can contact us at info@wildstreamtv.co.uk