Otters! A view from inside the otter hide.

I’m addicted to otters. In June 2017 we bought Clachan Cottage after Steve, the previous owner decided to retire from self catering. We were guests at the cottage back in March 2017, our first stay and we instantly knew this was a dream we’d hope to make a reality.

We loved how Steve had kept the charm of the cottage, it made it feel very traditional with a warm and cosy stay.

We live in Somerset, England where we have a cottage on the Somerset Levels. I have been recording and filming otter behaviour here for the last 5 years. Having otters so close to us has accelerated my knowledge and love for the mammals. A trip to Mull was essential. I had no idea that it would turn into otter house number 2! I couldn’t be happier.

It’s early days for us and we hope to keep the cottage pretty much as it is with the addition of some new touches and a planned redecoration at the end of August. We can’t get in before then as it’s fully booked.

I am a professional photographer and filmmaker and as such, Mull is a very exciting place to stay. Wildlife is my passion, otters especially but I’m also becoming a bit obsessed with Oystercatchers!

My week staying as a guest was pretty amazing. I sat in my portable hide for a couple of hours waiting for otters and was not disappointed. I filmed a young otter just a few feet from where I was sitting. I then sat by the wood burner back in the cottage editing my footage. I may of had a wee whisky in the process… I also had my spotting scope set up at the door and watched the otters on other days whilst feeling the warmth of the wood burner on my back. Pretty relaxing, I can tell you.

Sitting in my portable hide at the loch.


Back at the cottage editing footage on my laptop.